Questions and Answers

Additional FAQs will be added as they are received.

Q1. I am not Latino, Black, or Native American, but I own a business. Can I apply for these Small Business Investment Grants?  

A1. This grant opportunity is through a Community Reinvestment Initiative from the WA State Department of Commerce and is for businesses that are owned by Black, Indigenous or Latino individuals. We have many other resources and services available to support your business. Please visit to contact the center closest to you so that we can better assist you.

Q2. Can these be used to fund my start-up business? 

A2. These funds are intended to help business owners grow their existing business or help their business become more sustainable. The 5 focus areas in which grant funds can be applied are: 1 – Capacity building/growth, 2 – Sustainability, 3 – Hiring Employees, 4 – Retaining Employees, 5 – Employee training/development. There are a lot of resources out there for getting started with a new business. If you’re not quite ready for a grant opportunity like this one, but you need some start-up help, try reaching out to your local Small Business Development Center in Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and Omak. They offer no-cost services and are really helpful with getting started!

Q3. I don’t have a business license but I’ve been running a side-hustle for extra cash. Can I still apply?

A3. You do need to have a valid business license, WA State registration # (UBI#), and W9 for this grant opportunity.

Q4. When will I know if my business will receive one of these Small Business Investment Grants?

A4. Grants awards will be announced and applicants contacted no later than August 16, 2024. 

Q5. I made some errors when I submitted my application, can I resubmit?

A5. Yes, we will look at your most recent submission when applications are ready for review. 

Q6. If my business is not awarded a grant, can SkillSource still help my business?

A6. Yes! Our business services team can assist you with training and retaining employees through programs that offset the cost to you, the employer. We can also help with labor market information, layoff support, pre-employment services, upskilling current workers, internships, and more. Please contact us so we can learn more about your business and your needs.

Q7. How do you know if an applicant is actually Latino, Black, or Native American?

A7. Applicants are trusted to self-attest on the signed application.

Q8. Is there a citizenship or residency requirement for the grant?

A8. The applying business must be operating within Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Adams, or Okanogan counties and hold a valid business license, Washington State registration number (UBI#), and a W9. Citizenship and personal residency are not factors in this opportunity. 

Q9. On the application, what does the “Duration of Grant” mean?

A9. Use your best estimate for when your business intends to use the grant funds. For example, if it’s a one-time equipment purchase, the duration might be immediate and short (i.e. September – October). Or another example might be if your business intends to increase capacity and hire and train new employees, the duration might be longer (i.e. August to July).

If you have additional questions or need assistance completing your application, please contact: Kelli Martinelli, Communications Manager –