In March 2023, SkillSource performance manager Aaron Parrott delivered labor market informational updates to the three local committees of the SkillSource Regional Workforce Board. Continuing a practice started during the COVID-19 pandemic, board members were given an overview on demographics, industry sectors, and employment trends in their labor market area. These complete presentations are available to view below.

This quarter, as the nation grapples with inflation, the presentations focused on how North Central’s economy is being affected. Data from Chmura Jobs EQ showed that two of the three labor market areas are actually experiencing a favorable consumer price index (CPI) level compared to the state and the nation. If the US CPI is 100%, Grant and Adams Counties are at 95.6 and Okanogan County is at 95.9. This means that an earned dollar for resident of those counties goes about 4% farther than the US average. By comparison, Chelan and Douglas counties have a CPI of 102.2, and the state of Washington as a whole has a very high 127.2 CPI.

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