When local businesses have a specialized hiring need and motivated career seekers are looking to upskill, SkillSource can help bridge the gap. Anna had a long-term interest in the medical field and the SkillSource team was aware of a company looking for Dialysis Techs. Matching Anna and Fresenius Kidney Care was a perfect referral!

Anna’s early work experience included a driving job for Door Dash before she made her way into the medical field. She started by working for Columbia Basin Hospital as a certified nursing assistant, then transitioned to Omni Staffing Services, also working there as an NA-C.

Anna attended a virtual SkillSource ACE workshop and completed her assessments and application online due to COVID. She was referred to Fresenius Kidney Care for an on-the-job training position (OJT). Fresenius decided Anna was the right fit but would need additional training. While waiting to start, Anna attended SkillSource’s virtual Work Readiness workshops, including a communication class.

She also completed a SkillDex skills assessment which identified all the tasks she needed to learn. Both she and Misty, her supervisor, acknowledged that mastering the skills for this job was going to be a challenge. SkillSource used the SkillDex results to craft an OJT training plan. Over four months of training, Anna did exceptionally well! Misty was pleased with her work ethic and ability to learn concepts and procedures in a short timeframe. She is working towards a state certification in Kidney Tech/Dialysis and passed all the OJT Outline milestones.

Anna’s successful OJT is the result of an effective working relationship between Fresenius Kidney Care, SkillSource and a dedicated employee. She likes her position as a Kidney Dialysis Tech and loves her management team. Fresenius Kidney Care hopes that she is just the first of many employees they hire through on-the-job training.

Congratulations to Anna and Fresenius!