When obstacles block the current path, you find a new path to move forward.

The pandemic blocked a lot of paths for people, including Molly Motooka. Molly lost two part-time jobs due to the pandemic. She needed to explore other options that would lead to a new meaningful career, and sustainable self-sufficiency.

Molly reached out to WorkSource for assistance with unemployment benefits and help with her resume. She was a dislocated worker who needed help identifying her transferrable skills, and options for retraining. Molly came to SkillSource on a referral from WorkSource to explore her interests and to learn about other careers and their required skills.

Molly attended the ACE Workshop at SkillSource in Wenatchee, a great starting point for anyone caught in the crossroads. SkillSource trainers helped Molly develop a new path that aligned with her interests. She decided she was going to become a Certified Massage Therapist!

An indoor freestanding sign shaped like an arrow points toward an open classroom door with computers inside and there are words on the sign that read ACE Workshop.

The path began to take shape. She enrolled at the Columbia River Institute of Massage to work toward her state licensure, and received financial aid to cover tuition. Thanks to EcSA (Economic Security for All), SkillSource provided Molly with a monthly cash incentive to support her during training. Financial incentives provide essential funds that support everyday life expenses, like rent and gas money. This ensures that participants can stay on their training path and meet their career goals.

We are delighted to share that Molly recently graduated from Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy and is a licensed massage therapist! Molly is now a proud member of the team at Hurst Chiropractic in East Wenatchee where each day she provides hands-on care to clients in the community.

“I really enjoyed working with the team at SkillSource. Everyone has been supportive, friendly and professional. I appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed the ACE Workshop in helping choose a new career as well as the computer classroom.” – Molly Motooka, Licensed Massage Therapist

Congratulations to Molly for pushing forward despite the pandemic roadblock! You discovered a whole new path toward a rewarding career in wellness, and your community is better because of it.


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