The Hunger Relief grant partnership between Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council and SkillSource assists low-income community members and the agencies that support them. Kristi Hills, Community Action Council Deputy Director, states, “With this staffing support, we are able to take food to over 20 locations. Without the support, we would need to decline food service or place the burden on pantries to pick up the food themselves. We are thankful for it, and for SkillSource partners every day!”

Zach Hall is a local resident who benefited from the Hunger Relief Grant and received resources from agencies like Community Action Council. Zach had experienced family poverty, homelessness, and other barriers, all of which led him to drop out of high school. As an older student, behind in credits, he felt he would never graduate. When he realized he could work on school at his own pace, he stated, “I felt the program was right up my alley.” Zach enrolled at SkillSource in February 2021. He began attending school daily, focused on completing his education.

As Zach began to grow academically, he also grew in self-confidence. He was ready to start learning about the world of work. His Trainer, Christy Mataya, placed him in a work experience at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Zach learned customer service, cash handling, and the history of our community.  SkillSource assisted him with work clothing, hygiene items, and gas to successfully attend school and work.

After developing time management, customer service, and communication skills, Zach was encouraged to apply for a position at the Community Action Council’s Food Distribution Center, funded by the Hunger Relief Grant. Zach applied and was hired in November 2021.

In May of 2022, Zach achieved a goal he thought was impossible: he earned his GED and participated in SkillSource’s Graduation ceremony. Zach continues to grow at the Food Distribution Center and is now making $20 per hour through this partnership. He graduated, is working full-time, has earned an industry-recognized credential driving forklifts, and was able to purchase his own truck so he no longer worries about transportation.

When SkillSource and local agencies combine to combat poverty, it changes lives. But don’t take our word for it—just ask Zack! Congratulations to Zack and Chelan Douglas Community Action Council. You truly lifted each other up!