Norris Construction was breaking ground in the construction field. They needed additional hands to get their jobs completed, so they reached out to SkillSource for assistance. Owner Nick Norris was open to teaching skills to a young person who wanted to learn the field from the ground up. On-the-job training would boost the economic community, the construction industry, and build his business.

Carlos was a dynamic and dedicated young man who had persevered through many life challenges. He enrolled at SkillSource Learning Center when he was 16 years old. He participated in Leadership classes, took part in the Professional Development Summit, worked on the Eco-Stewardship project based learning crew, assisted with Special Olympics, and attended many field trips. Carlos fully engaged in activities and excelled in this new learning environment. Christy Mataya, his trainer, placed him in work experience opportunities aligned with his interests. Carlos began to earn his own money which gave him independence and control in his life that he had never felt before.

After a year of COVID-19 related delays, Carlos earned his GED certificate in May 2021 and was the Student Speaker at the SkillSource Learning Center Graduation Ceremony. Now 19, he began training as a Construction Helper for Norris Construction, learning basic construction tasks, worksite safety, and proper tool use. SkillSource assisted Carlos with the purchase of work tools, appropriate clothing, and gas to get to work so he could learn this new position without any obstacles. About his new job, Carlos said, “It is great learning all aspects of the construction field. The hardest part is learning how to properly operate and use the tools!” Owner Nick Norris stated that he appreciated mentoring a young person while giving back to the economy. “This program is a win-win for all.” Carlos successfully completed his training in May 2022.

Various factors in the construction industry led Carlos to move to a new full-time position at Louws Truss earning $20 per hour. We are proud of all of Carlos’ accomplishments and the foundation he built for the future he framed. Congratulations Carlos!