Graduation marks an important milestone in the lives of all students, but for students who have struggled in the traditional education system, the milestone is all-the-more meaningful.

In mid-June, SkillSource celebrated three graduations in Othello, Okanogan, and Wenatchee. Bright-eyed students donned caps and gowns with excitement about their accomplishments.


In Okanogan, 21 students graduated with their diploma or GED from the WorkSource Okanogan Alternative Education Program. One student even graduated a year early!  The instructor, Linda Jane, said it was biggest graduating class in recent memory. 


In Othello, five students graduated from the SkillSource Open Doors Program, including one student who is college-bound in the fall with aspirations to become a therapist.  The students joined all of the Othello School District graduates with a walk through the elementary and middle schools to inspire youth and thank teachers the day before graduation.


In Wenatchee, 29 youth graduated through the SkillSource Learning Center, and 16 adults earned their GED or high school equivalency through the adult program. One highlight was the graduation of a 65-year-old woman who will now be able to move toward her goal of becoming a paraeducator.   She was one of the graduation speakers and said she was asked, “How does it feel to be a graduate at 65?” She replied with her hands raised overhead and sunglasses on, “like a rock star.”

We celebrate all of our students and look forward to the bright futures that lie ahead in their lives.