Personnel Services

SkillSource offers:

  • Recruitment services
  • Pre-employment testing and skills assessment
  • Labor market information
  • Assistance with job fairs, hiring events and more

Layoff & Business Closure Assistance

When businesses downsize or close, SkillSource can help. We assemble partners and resources to assist affected workers and employers to navigate next steps. Large business or small, ten workers or hundreds, you can turn to SkillSource.

On-the-job Training

SkillSource helps businesses hire people with potential and then reimburses part of their wages and training costs as they learn on-the-job. The program reduces costs associated with employer recruitment, training, and job turnover.

Watch this video for information on our business services.
Watch this video for information on layoff and business closure assistance.

SkillSource will provide:

  • Up to 50% reimbursement of a trainee’s gross wage while in training (up to 6 months) to offset the cost of training.
  • Reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of related formal training, such as workshops and seminars.
  • Trainee assistance with tools and equipment not normally provided by employer.
  • Trainee assistance with work clothes, childcare and transportation to ease the cost of transitioning into a new job.

Incumbent Worker Training: Increasing the skills of existing employees

Incumbent worker training helps qualifying companies upgrade the skills of existing employees to help businesses remain competitive, retain employees and promote from within, increase profits and support new growth.

SkillSource will help businesses cover training costs. The employer’s cost share can be met by paying employee wages during the training. Employees must have 6 or more months of experience working for your company (exceptions apply for trainee cohorts).

Internships and Work Experience

SkillSource places students with businesses for internships or work experience while paying trainee wages. These paid opportunities help career-seekers gain job readiness and occupational skills while giving local businesses extra staff in exchange for mentorship and training. These experiences often result in excellent job candidates for participating businesses.

More Business Services