Wenatchee Wind Machine Service is a full service wind machine company. When they were in need of a new employee with the right skills, they came to SkillSource for help.

Moses Jorgensen had earned his Associate’s Degree from Big Bend College and was employed, but the hours were few and the pay was low. So Moses reached out to SkillSource to help uplevel his skills and find a new, better paying career. Moses was a great candidate for Wenatchee Wind, and his career counselor at SkillSource helped create an on-the-job training (OJT) plan so that he could acquire the requisite training in order to be hired as a Shop Technician.

Steve Ott mentored Moses at Wenatchee Wind and had this to say about their new employee and SkillSource’s services:

“Moses was hired through the On-The-Job Training program, and it has been awesome. The program paid for a portion of his wages through the training period and this made it possible for us to bring on another employee. He is now a key part of our team, and I would absolutely use this program again. These services could be helpful for any company which is looking to hire but is worried about the initial cost of training new employees.”

Thank you to Wenatchee Wind for working with SkillSource to create this promising career for Moses, and to Moses for his dedication and commitment to success.