In 1942, Archie and Mary Lodge opened the Wenatchee Cycle Shop, selling and repairing bicycles. In 1948, Archie purchased a key machine for cutting keys and installed a small booth, nicknamed “the Keyhole”, in the back of the shop. After many years of growing and developing the Locksmith business, Archie’s son, Ron, and his wife, Jeanne, turned the small booth into a thriving security business—Keyhole Security. But none of them could foresee the COVID-19 pandemic which made it very difficult to hire talented workers. SkillSource was able to help Keyhole Security find a reliable employee and continue their tradition of serving our valley.

Skyler contacted SkillSource in June 2020 as a 17 year old struggling to thrive in traditional education during the pandemic. SkillSource trainer Christy Mataya used assessments and interviews to identify his strengths as being a fast worker, working well with others, and being a tactile learner. Skylar worked on the WSU Chelan County Extension Eco-Stewardship project that summer, learning to work as part of a team  on a variety of outdoor projects. In August 2020, Skyler transitioned to online  learning with staff support due to the pandemic. As with many of his peers and instructors, he struggled with making progress in the online environment. But Skyler persevered and passed all of his GED tests by April 2021. Skyler then received his High School Equivalency in June of 2021 when he walked with his class  in the first in-person SkillSource Learning Center graduation in two years.

With his high school equivalency and work readiness on his résumé, Skyler began a SkillSource funded internship at Keyhole Security. Skyler was particularly interested in learning more about the operations of a retail store. Dave Langlois, general manager of Keyhole Security, wanted to provide more training opportunities because Skyler excelled in his internship. Skyler completed the internship and On-the-Job Training (OJT) to learn more as a Locksmith Technician learning industry specific tasks. While completing his training, SkillSource assisted with additional supports (a uniform and driver’s license fees) to set him up for success in his new career.

The pandemic has been hard on both students, career seekers and businesses. Despite the adversities presented, Keyhole Security and Skyler have found success together. Skyler is now working fulltime, earning $16.00 hour as a Locksmith Technician 2 and looks forward to continuing grow with the company. Congratulations to Skyler and Keyhole Security! You really “locked it in”!