Robert Bucsko was a student at Omak High School. He attended through his senior year, but unfortunately didn’t have enough credits to graduate with his class. He later moved to Wenatchee, but Robert knew that not having a high school diploma would be a barrier to his future goals of working in healthcare. He reached out to SkillSource in Wenatchee and began working toward high school completion.

Robert worked hard in the Wenatchee Learning Center taking pre-employment workshops and studying for his GED test. In his first two months, he was able to complete three of his four GED tests! He then had an opportunity to return to Omak for a job with his father. He planned to return to Wenatchee, but his car had other ideas when the engine blew! Lucky for Robert, the WorkSource Okanogan staff were ready to jump in and continue to help Robert move forward. Trainers at SkillSource Wenatchee and WorkSource Okanogan worked together to transfer him into the Omak Learning Center to continue working towards his academic goals. With assistance from youth trainer Monica Garza-Acevedo, he passed his fourth and final test and completed his credential.

Robert is now employed with the 12 Tribes Casino in Omak. Robert found through exploring his personality style and careers that best fit his interests that he is passionate about serving people. He hopes to complete additional training in the future to work as an emergency medical technician or nurse.  WorkSource Okanogan staff will be ready to  assist him.

Congratulations, Robert Bucsko! You may have had car trouble, but when it came to finishing your education and preparing for the future, you are on the road to success!