It’s National Computer Science Education Week! Sabey Data Centers might not be a name you know (yet), but they are home to hundreds of world-renowned and recognized companies who rely on the cloud-based storage, security, and connectivity provided by Sabey in order to serve their customers. These companies span industries of all sizes and varieties, from airlines, financial institutions, gaming, social media, CGI, Fortune 500 companies, and so much more. SkillSource staff and board members visited the Sabey Data Centers’ East Wenatchee campus and received a facility tour led by Sabey’s Director of Operations, Shaun Devine and Sabey’s VP of SDC-West and SkillSource board member, Ryan Beebout.

North Central Washington is a prime location for data centers thanks to an abundance of sustainable energy, the cool and dry climate, and a lower risk of natural disasters. Electricity is supplied 100% by sustainable hydro and wind power through Douglas County Public Utility District helping make energy among the most affordable in the nation.

Data centers are the quiet hero behind our modern, technology-rich lives. Nothing in the Cloud would exist without the servers that house the data, and the servers could not continue to exist without the buildings that house their racks, and the people who keep them monitored, maintained, and the temperature regulated.

It is a high demand industry that offers entry-level opportunities with promising pathways for essential careers. Sabey Data Centers hires locally, and recently launched their first internship program, which offers opportunities for youth who have recently completed high school and have not yet begun college. Sabey Data Centers are staffed by technicians around the clock, ensuring the critical functions are uninterrupted and operate seamlessly. There are currently 400 employees between the two Sabey Data Center campuses in East Wenatchee and Quincy, Washington, though the campuses also are home to the offices and staff of many of their data center clients.

To learn more about Sabey Data Centers, and to view available positions, visit: