Walgreens is one of the biggest pharmacies in Grant County, Washington. The Moses Lake store manager, Tracy, looks for quality employees who seek a career path, rather than just a job. Tracy depends on SkillSource to recommend qualified, career-minded participants so that Walgreens can confidently serve their community of customers with exceptional, committed employees.

Antonio and Estephan Espino are two brothers who had both dropped out of school. Antonio came to SkillSource wanting to change his life. He wasn’t working, and was experiencing homelessness. With the support of SkillSource, he started the journey to finish his education. Despite financial, family, and health obstacles, Antonio set goals to earn his high school equivalency and then worked diligently to successfully complete pre‐employment training workshops and two work experiences with SkillSource. In October 2022, Antonio earned his high school equivalency, and was ready to pursue a career path in Pharmacy Education. Through the connection with Tracy at Walgreens, Antonio was offered a customer service position where he could also train to become a pharmacy technician. After completing in-house training and certification as a technician assistant, Antonio went on to enroll in the Pharmacy Assistant program and is on track to complete it by the end of the year!

Antonio’s success through SkillSource served as an inspiration to his younger brother, Estephan. At 16 years old Estephan entered SkillSource’s youth program, attended pre-employment workshops, and successfully finished a work experience.
He completed high school during this time and connected with Lorena, a new manager at the Moses Lake Walgreens. Lorena offered Estephan a customer service position, which he accepted, and has been employed with Walgreens since September!

SkillSource is grateful to Walgreens for their commitment to training and
developing young career seekers. Congratulations Estephan and Antonio!