Domenico Tedeschi immigrated as a refugee from Venezuela to the United States in 2018.  “I didn’t even know the language,” Domenico shared. Through dedicated hard work, Domenico earned his nursing assistant certification through Wenatchee Valley College in December of that same year, followed by his high school diploma through the Transitional Studies program at Wenatchee Valley College in December of 2019.

After being accepted into the nursing program in the Fall of 2021 Domenico was referred to SkillSource by Wenatchee Valley College for assistance with funding his education. SkillSource assisted Domenico that first year with tuition, books, testing fees and other needed supplies. He qualified for the State Economic Security for All (EcSA) funding during his second year, making him eligible for incentive payments, tuition and other support to successfully complete his Associates Degree of Nursing and Associate of Arts Degree with a 4.0 GPA in June of 2023. Domenico received his nursing degree, and was awarded the WVC President’s Medal for academic achievement, leadership, and service!

“Graduating from the nursing program feels like a dream come true,” said Domenico. “And yesterday, with immense pride, I walked across that stage and received the President’s Medal and my diploma. What an incredible honor (even I am surprised).”

Domenico started working at Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus in July as an RN Resident in the Intensive Care Unit. Confluence Health depends on Wenatchee Valley College for finding qualified graduates from their highly regarded nursing program, and WVC, looks to community partners like SkillSource to help recruit diverse and motivated individuals, such as Domenico, for the RN pathway. 

Domenico wants others to know that success is possible. “To anyone out there facing their own challenges, always remember that your dreams are within reach. Embrace the struggles and never lose sight of your goals. If I could achieve it, so can you. Let’s inspire each other to reach new heights and make the impossible possible!” 

Congratulations to Domenico and to Confluence Health! 

A male graduate in a white cap and gown sits on concrete steps.